APS 2.0 Development

Certified Parallels APS 2.0 System Integrators

DEVTECH is a Certified Parallels APS 2.0 Systems Integrator Partner. We leverage over 15 years of hosting, Cloud and technology experience, as well as unrivalled knowledge of the Parallels ecosystem, to provide APS 2.0 Systems Integration services to a wide range of enterprise, ISV and Service Provider clients.

What is APS?

The Application Packaging Standard (APS) 2.0 is a set of specifications that simplifies delivery of SaaS applications by packaging them in a standard format and creating marketing opportunities on a large scale.

APS 2.0 Service Bus

Why APS?

The future of business application is in the cloud. As the market grows, you can become a key part of the supply chain by delivering your app or SaaS offering using the Application Packaging Standard (APS) 2.0. This will expose your offerings to a huge market of thousands of Hosters, Cloud and Service Providers who are ready to accept APS 2.0 packaged solutions for distribution.

APS 2.0 Revenue Flow

Businesses want to simplify their use of critical applications and automation of the purchase and deployment of services is critical for customer and provider.

APS 2.0 reduces the requirement for manual intervention in the full lifecycle of purchase, provisioning, client self-administration billing and service change management.

For more information on how DEVTECH can help you profit from the Cloud by utilising APS 2.0, please contact our team at sales@devtechgroup.com or +44 (0)1865 230 100.