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Transition Made Simple.

Cloud Migration Platform (CMP) by DevTech is designed for Cloud Service Providers and Distributors to conveniently manage complex mailbox and public folder migration with no deployment needed.

Learn how CMP can run Cloud migration project automatically and securely with no downtime or data loss.

Understand your business potential and the way we can work together to help you simplify O365 onboarding.

Zero Downtime
No Data Loss
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Benefits for Cloud Service Providers

Highly scalable, automated migrations with Plug-in technology enabled and flexible volume pricing.

Using multi-tier approach and white-labeling option Cloud Migration Platform empowers Cloud Service Provides to offer their partners and clients simplified Office365 onboarding with a user centered design.

CMP ensures that both source and destination servers are synced in real time without any impact to current business systems throughout the whole migration process. Your clients’ business activities can continue with complete data accessibility and assurance of zero downtime.

Our Solution

Automated | Zero Downtime | No Data Loss

CMP by Devtech is designed to help migrate key workloads from legacy and on-premise services to Cloud platforms in a fast, secure and automated way with zero downtime. The platform helps to avoid vendor lock-in by being able to move data and services between different Cloud platforms.

Scalable to address your end users' customized migration and onboarding needs, the migration runs seamlessly and keeps in sync with their ongoing processes without disrupting current business operations. CMP ensures no data loss and no service disruption with maximum security during normal, fast growth and downside times.

Intuitive 4-Step Process

Configured with the user interface simplicity in mind

Define migration name and workload type.

Choose source and destination platform and provide their credentials.

Choose mailboxes or public folders you want to migrate.

Use default or configure migration settings (migration data center, mailbox mapping, notifications, scheduling).

Fast, Secure, Easy to Use

Key Features List

Mailbox and Public Folder Migration

Full Mailbox and Public folder migration with option to choose which items will be migrated: Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Inbox Rules, Journals, Categories.

Platform supported

Hosted Exchange to Office 365
Office 365 to Office 365


Resync feature automates additional migration of all changes on source during the migration process.

Multi-tier Partner Selection

CMP is equipped with the multi-tier licensing system, which enables you to unlimitedly distribute the migration licensing options

White Labeling

White labeling functionality enables you to set up your brand on User interface, SMS and email notifications and link it to your ticketing system.

Data Center Selection

With CMP you get the option to select desired data center within the selected region, to ensure maximum migration bandwidth and legal data protection.

Cloud Migration Platform

Platforms supported:

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