Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud is reshaping industries left and right, and Cloud adoption is accelerating on a global scale. A lot of businesses are struggling to determine the Cloud strategy that best suits their long-term needs.

We work closely with our customers to determine their objectives, both from business and technical perspective.

We deal with different type of questions all the time. Our Cloud Consultants work closely with our partners to help make business and technology work together more effectively.

Cloud Service Providers & Telcos

We have been working with Cloud Service Providers and Telcos around the globe to help make business and technology work together.

Some questions we have helped answer:

- Which OSS/BSS solution will best fit our needs?
- Which new value-added services to launch in the marketplace?
- How to best consolidate different in-house solutions?
- Which migration approach will work the best for us to minimize customer churn?


Large and small ISVs have engaged with us in order to find the best suited solutions for their needs. Different types of questions we have helped answer:

- Which strategy to implement in order to increase product GTM and ROI?
- What type of architecture should we implement to achieve sustainable scalability of our SaaS solution?
- Which marketplace to integrate with to drive customer acquisition?
- Which billing platform should we use for our SaaS solution to support our growing business?
- How can we best accelerate our product roadmap development?


We have been working with global Enterprise and Fortune 500 to help drive their digital transformation.

Some questions we have helped answer:

- How do we most effectively transform?
- Which solutions can help us increase productivity and work smarter?
- How do we ensure business continuity while migrating our workloads to Cloud?
- What are the ways to ensure best hybrid environment co-existence?  |  +44 203 642 2163