Simplifying Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

vPoint by DevTech is used by Cloud Service Providers to enable VMware IaaS offering trough Odin Service Automation.

By being service focused, vPoint offers a simplified experience to all the parties involved in the IaaS onboarding, delivery and consumption.

Learn how to simply create, manage, consume and grow your VMware IaaS on Odin Service Automation by using vPoint.

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Benefits for Cloud Service Providers

Simplifies the lifecycle of your VMware IaaS offering through automation and customer self-service.

vPoint has a direct impact to the Cloud Service Provider’s costs - through both billing capabilities and operational processes.
PAYG model, self-onboarding through Provider’s Online Store and customer self-service control panel on the Provider’s cloud automation platform reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Delivery, making the vPoint an effective integration to boost any Provider’s IaaS offering.

Simplified Infrastructure Management

Integration in Odin Service Automation control panel

Manage infrastructure layers (standard implementation)

  • VMware
  • OpenStack – on request*

Manage billing

  • Pay per subscription
  • Pay as you go

Manage different architectural approaches

  • Infrastructure can be on premise
  • Infrastructure can be distributed
  • Infrastructure can be confederated with other MSPs

Simplify infrastructure management

  • Simple Infrastructure resource management in Odin control panel (Cloud billing Automation Platform)
Key Features List

Customer Datacenter management

Through Odin Service Automation customers can create new and manage existing vCloudDirector datacenters.

Virtual Machine provisioning

Simple provisioning of VMs using predefine templates and full management of different VM elements (Snapshots, Additional disks, CPU and Ram allocations, assigned Public IP)

Different Network type support

Support for management of all three categories of vCloud Director networks: external networks, organization VDC networks, and vApp networks.

Edge Gateway services

Manage Firewall and NAT services by creating rules for controlling network traffic through your datacenter gateway.

Public IP

Simplified Public IP purchasing and Virtual Machine publishing to external networks.

User management

Option to create New service users and assign them dedicated vApp that they can manage on Odin Service Automation user control panel.

vPoint brings two leaders in their fields together:

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