Service Delivery:
Fixed Scope

There are certain types of projects where
fixed-scope approach is suitable. This model
works well if you:

  • Have clear requirements and a detail specification
  • You expect no changes to requirements
    throughout project execution
  • You require a one-time, end-to-end project
Devtech Group - Fixed-Scope Software Engineering Service Delivery Project Plan

Security by design

We take security very seriously, and have many processes and
regular activities in order to minimize risks of data breach.

Secure Code Practice

Security by design approach is how we build solutions. Part of the internal processes for engineering teams and architectural/implementation considerations are defined in our secure coding practice checklists. These checklists cover the following areas:

  • Input validation
  • Output encoding
  • Auth & password management
  • Cryptographic practices
  • Session management
  • Access control
  • Error handling and logging
  • Data protection
  • Communication security
  • System & infrastructure configuration
  • Database security
  • File management
  • Memory management

Security Standards

Our Data Protection Officer ensures compliance with GDPR across the organization, while our Security Manager ensures we adhere to ISO27001 and SOC2

  • We perform regular, infrastructure-wide security audits internally.
  • Annual external audits are performed.
  • All data communication to remote locations is secured through VPN tunnels.
  • Any processed data is stored on Azure/AWS based infrastructure, within the required jurisdictions.
  • Personal data is encrypted at transit and rest, including backups. In case any personal data needs to be stored/transferred outside of EU, we pseudonymize it.
  • PaloAlto firewalls in all service delivery locations. Office access management and CCTV.
  • 2FA for accessing specific internal systems.
  • Secure password sharing using Keeper Security.
  • Continual internal security awareness sessions.
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