Devtech Empowering Local Communities with Digital Tools


Belgrade – Despite our increasingly digitized world, having access to the latest computer equipment, and in some cases any computer equipment, is often a challenge for nonprofits.

The Devtech team got together and identified some organizations in Serbia who are doing amazing work to help those in genuine need. We’ll be donating nearly 50 PC setups to these groups so they can continue to carry out their vital missions more effectively.

Safe Women’s House (“Sigurna zenska kuca”) in Novi Sad, the second largest city and a tech hub of Serbia, provides a welcoming space for women and kids who are victims of domestic violence. When escaping such a dangerous situation, these brave people must often flee with little preparation—having to start their lives over from scratch. Since so much of daily life is online these days, access to a computer is as necessary as being able to move around the city.

Home for Children and Youth (“Svratiliste za decu i mlade”) helps kids and teenagers who come from highly challenging social backgrounds by providing food, clothing, education, psychological support, and other necessary services. It’s amazing how even a little support at the right time can positively and significantly influence someone’s life.

The Red Cross (“Crveni Krst”) performs a lot of humanitarian work in Serbia, such as assisting Syrian refugees get back on their feet, caring for the elderly, promoting blood donations, and training locals in first aid among other things.

The Novak Djokovic Foundation helps schools across Serbia—especially in rural and disadvantaged areas—to renovate their buildings and provide better education by providing newer and more modern environment. These PCs will help the organization be more effective and do even more great work across Serbia.

“Bratstvo i jedinstvo” Elementary School (OS “Bratsvo i jedinstvo”) in northern Serbia has 356 students… but only two PCs at the moment.

Children’s Village (“Decije selo”) works with disadvantaged young people and helps them with education, skills training, and motivation to help them live independent lives.

Empowering local communities and helping foster their growth is important. Because our local communities are, in fact, a reflection of us.


Devtech Group - Empowering Local Serbian Communities with Digital Tools