Devtech teams with Software Development Times and Innovation Consultant Nils Vesk to Share Remote Software Development Work Best Practices

Belgrade, Serbia – 24 September 2020 – The world has quickly adopted a remote working model. And, for employee-health reasons, many businesses have announced they do not plan to reopen offices until well into 2021. Google announced July 2021 as a target for its employees to return to offices. Twitter has announced its employees can work from home in perpetuity, even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

With extended remote work becoming the new normal, a new challenge is emerging for software development teams – the challenge of maintaining innovative output and performance while working remotely.

While many development teams are working remotely for the first time, we at Devtech have years of experience working remotely for our clients. What the world is learning how to do now, we have been doing for seven years as part of our business model.  So, we teamed with Software Development Times and Nils Vesk to share some of our experience in a webinar.

14 Remote Working Mistakes that Could be Killing Developer Innovative Output and Performance

The pace of innovation is accelerating. Yet continuous WFH diminishes software teams’ output. What can you do to increase individual – and team – performance, without burning out?

Join Nils Vesk and Devtech Group for a live session that unpacks the 14 most common mistakes affecting a team’s performance. Mr. Vesk will also explain how to flip these mistakes into principles that will deliver innovative, cohesive teams for years to come.

Mr. Vesk works around the world with innovative teams. His clients include IBM, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Fuji Xero, and Gartner. Devtech Group provides custom software development for ISVs like Mimecast, Acronis, and AppRiver.

Some of the innovation mistakes Mr. Vesk will discuss include:

  • Thinking that to create behavior change you need to change motivation first
  • Insufficiently distinguishing between people vs. process issues
  • Measuring outcomes, but not measuring behaviors or having process goals
  • Failing to use stories to drive behavioral change
  • Allowing assumptions to take over from fact – in team dynamics, execution, and problem-solving

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