Devtech’s CTO shares best practices at Tarabica # IT Conference in Belgrade around improving code quality

Devtech’s CTO, Nikola Milanovic, is presenting at a knowledge sharing session at Tarabica # IT Conference on 12th May 2018 in Belgrade.

During a development life cycle, different types of error can occur at any stage of development. Well written code is often a synonym for an error-free code, two terms that are often interchangeable, but not always rightfully so. Based on the stage of development at which an error occurs, we break down different types of errors and how to handle them.

Every software that is developed for specific purposes is extremely complex. It is not always easy to test every possible outcome and test case. Even upon thorough testing of every line of code and the application as a whole, we are still unsure of some unknown factors that could cause an error. After all, software is developed and written by humans, who by very nature are prone to making mistakes.

With over a decade of experience in IT, Nikola brings his passion for technology, innovation, quality and software design. Nikola kicked off his profession as a software developer and kept being involved in the latest tech trends throughout his career, while also having management and business focus over time.

Having been exposed to both technology and business, Nikola has gained invaluable insight into all aspects of creating high quality solutions which solve actual customer challenges. Within Devtech, Nikola has led different technical departments where he contributed to the efforts of establishing Devtech as a Cloud enablement leader.

As a CTO, Nikola’s focus is on continuous improvement in all of the areas of the technical magic that happens under Devtech’s roof.

Devtech Group - Blue shaded graphic of a Computer connected to the Cloud