AI & Predictive

Enhance your products and intellectual property
with custom AI solutions, and monetize your data.

Predictive analytics and anomaly detection

Process automation

Text mining and NLP

Object recognition

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Extending your existing products with AI and predictive analytics capabilities can add tremendous competitive advantage.

Our data science and AI experts work closely with your teams to analyze where the opportunities are for AI and data monetization, and subsequently work hand in hand with the rest of your R&D teams to help bring this game-changing innovation to your core IP.

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Exceptional Service

Having an open and transparent communication, proactive team engagement, learning mindset and an expectation for
high-quality work output is part of our day-to-day. We help our customers accelerate innovation through two distinct service
delivery models.

Team as a Service

Business priorities change, and ability to react fast is crucial in today’s agile world.

Tap into a diverse pool of Devtech’s resources and expertise continuously or on demand. We become a true extension of your internal engineering teams in this delivery model.


Get a single, end to end project executed with the help of our versatile delivery team.

This delivery model works well when you have fully defined requirements, and expect no or minimal changes throughout the engagement.

Feedback spotlight

“Devtech has been a great development partner for Mimecast. We’ve used their expertise to extend our capabilities and capacity in building numerous integrations with industry-leading cloud providers and look forward to delivering more world-class solutions with them.”

Feedback spotlight

“I believe high levels of trust and great engagement is the key element of any change (digital or not), and I was delighted to see Virgin Trains and Devtech excelling at working together. The way the teams have been working together, you wouldn’t know if an individual was working for Virgin Trains or Devtech.“

Feedback spotlight

“Devtech has been instrumental in enabling Acronis to execute on our platform integration roadmap and providing more robust solutions for our customers.”

Feedback spotlight

“Devtech’s development sta­ff are professional, knowledgeable and capable, and working with them has been an extremely enjoyable experience. We have found their people-focused company culture and enthusiasm for technology a great fit with our own business.”

Feedback spotlight

“As Zones expands our Cloud Marketplace, Devtech has become a trusted technology partner enabling us to accelerate our Zones Cloud Marketplace roadmap, integrate new products and services and seamlessly migrate customers to our platform.”

Feedback spotlight

”Devtech has the best, most dedicated and professional group of developers, project managers and DevOps engineers I have ever had the privilege to work with, alongside my in-house team. As a Director of Development, your best asset is someone who can listen to you and materialize what was said before you get a chance to speak to them again.”

Feedback spotlight

“Partnering with Devtech has enabled Dogado to accelerate innovation and product roadmaps, and bring new features and services to our customers faster. Devtech’s team became an extension of our internal engineering team, and we’re thrilled to see how both teams collaborate together as one.”

Feedback spotlight

“Devtech has been an instrumental part of our integration projects, as we have leaned on their expertise to deliver our product across multiple eco-systems. With the help of Devtech we have been able to expand our reach and open channels that previously we were unable to explore. Devtech is not just a vendor but a true technology partner.”

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